My Hello, I am MyHello an Android SMS Application.


What is the purpose of this app

To create a SMS app that has all the best features needed for a great experience

What is the idea behind this app

I have personally been af long time user and a fan of the hello sms app (R.I.P) and could never find any app similar to it, so I decided to create my own version


  • Based of the idea of Hello App
  • Full SMS thread overview (Side panel)
  • SMS count of each SMS thread
  • Add thread to favorits (show at top)
  • Multiple recipients
  • Filer threads by words
  • fully customize app features
  • Themes are fully customizable by colors
  • Extra features :
    • Custom EMOJIES specific for MyHello App
    • Share your location via SMS (Just URL beeing send)
    • Send credits via SMART, GLOBE, SUN (Local Fillipino Mobile companies
    • Upload file, (share any file URL) COMING SOON
    • Share sound clip (Record and send URL)
    • Send Image (Caprure or Select) (Via URL)
    • Send, Save, Edit Templates for SMS that you can send via 2 clicks
  • Voice 2 Text (Google Voice)
  • and much much more



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Soon to be published on Google Play Store


Visit our Facebook page for any support


Contact us via crazykiddodk(a)